nce with market demand," Xi said, noting that more

Collect from /

d been actively impl

emented since his su▓cces

some ▓successful project

s including the No

.1 and No. 2 power unit▓s o

f Taishan nuclear

power plant, which have provid

ed▓ a successful model fo

r the construction of thir

d-gener▓ation nuclear power

plants around the globe, Xi sai

d the two countries

illion▓ eur

ort the early conclusion of an ambitious and▓ balanced China-European Union (EU) investment agreement.Regarding the alignment of the Belt and Road Initiativ▓e (BRI) with the EU's Euro-Asian connectivity strategy, Xi▓ called for speedy implementation of the agreed demonstration projects, and the promotion of more enterprises to participate in the third-party market, and the green development of the Belt and Road.Xi said China and Franc▓e should in

ing exchan

y safeguard the international s▓ystem with the UN at the core, the international o▓rder based on international law, as well as the multilat▓eral trading regime with World Tr


ges, Xi said

ade Organization (WTO) rules as the cornerstone, Xi said.They should push forward reform of the WTO toward the right direction


, calling fo

through consultation, and give special consideration to developing countries' rights and interests, Xi said."We will adh▓ere


r strengthened c

to the principle of common but differentiated respons▓ibilities, encourage more countries to cooperate in combating climate ch


ooperati▓on on

ange with full and thorough implementa▓tion of the Paris Agreement," the Chinese president sai▓d.Macron said he is glad to visit


cybersecurity and

China again on the 55th a▓nniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relati▓ons."My frequent exchanges with Xi have deepened

inese p

f▓riendship and political mutual trust between France ▓and China and boosted pragmatic cooperation," Macron ▓said, voicing his agreement with Xi on views concerning bilat

February 2014

t called for f

urther cooperation on large-scale p▓rojects, saying tha

eral cooperation.France and China take the same position on many major international issues▓, and the two countries, as two major powers, shoulder pa▓rticularly significant responsibilities under the cu

t China is ready t

o deepen
February 2014

the entire i

ndustrial chain cooperation with France in the nuclear energ?/h3>

r▓rent international situation, he said.Referring to France's ▓strengthened dialogue and cooperation with China as "playing an important exemplary role," Macron said France is willing to properly sett

坹 field, encourag

e China'
February 2014

s enterprises

to explore new coo▓peration with France not only within the t

le the differences between the two sides based on mutual respect.French companies are eager▓ly looking forward to taking the opportunity of Chi▓na's expanded opening-up, further entering into the C▓hin

wo countries, bu

t also in th

ese market, expanding exports of agricultural products ▓to China, and strengthening cooperation in areas such▓ as aviation, aerospace, and civilian nuclear energy, as well

  • All
  • ird-part
  • y markets,
  • and strengt
  • hen join
  • t research

and development

on nuclear base

and high-tech▓ t

echnologies.Xi s

aid he hoped the

new cooperation

in avia▓tion, aero

space and other fields

could be well i

mple▓mented."We should

expand the opening

up of the two-way m

arkets. China is

willing to expa

nd two-way trade and i

nvestment with France,

improve trade a

nd investment liberali

zation, and join

tly uphold marke

t rules and th

e principle of

fair competition,

" Xi said.He sai

d he ho▓ped t

hat France will

put into action

its words of not adopt

ing discriminatory polic

ies against China."Chi

na is willin

as sci-tech innovation and finance, he said.China's issuance of euro-denominated sovereign bonds in Paris is of gr▓eat significance to France, Macron said, pledging to kee▓p the Fren

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